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Ad Server for display, mobile, apps, video, social and iptv. Ad Server Solutions ad server platform enables publishers, advertisers, ad networks, ad exchanges and advertising agencies to manage their display, video, app, social, iptv and mobile advertising campaigns. Learn more about Ad Server

Advanced ad serving technology. Click to view AdServer Demo
Fully featured ad server and ad serving tools for direct ad sales.
Optimize all your ad revenue with Yield Optimization

Robust Ad server platform provides everything you need for mobile ad serving, from apps to mobile ads. Our App ad serving tag is easy to integrate and ready to use. Ad Server Solutions simplifies ad management to yield greater revenue for all advertising inventory.

Combine direct ad serving and RTB monetization. ad server platform

Enterprise ad serving architecture delivers robust performance and enhanced scalability of the advertising platform. Geo Targeting serves ad targeted advertisements to specific viewing audiences by ip location.
Accelerate the delivery speed and performance of content CDN

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Now you can own your own software Business. Own, sell, resell, license your own company brand of software. Software development, Advertisers, programming, flash animation, ADVERTISING.
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          Ad Management Software : ad server          

  • Serving flash video. Manage and serve Rich Media ads
  • Ad Management. Display advertising. Ad Targeting
  • Flash video click thru tracking and pixel tracking
  • CPM, CPC, CPA, eCPM, Fixed rate, Number of Days, Bidding
  • Ads in Apps, Ads in Games, Ads in Videos, Mobile advertising
  • Video Ad Server. We can supply you w/ ad server video player
  • Iframe, javascript, Java, Php, Asp ad tags provided to deliver to blogs, browsers, mobile devices, rss, xml, email and multi media
  • Track, report, serve ads on websites, ezines and newsletters
  • Display advertising, video ads, mobile adserver, InGame ad, Flash, Contextual Ads, Rich Media Ads, 3rd party ads, Java, Html, Text, Mpeg, flash video, Avi Ad formats, Ads in apps 
  • Track pay per click ads, Contextual ads, mobile ads such as AdSonar, Google, Greystripe, Adjuggler, Openx
  • Ad Server for Mobile. Ad tracking and reporting of ads
  • Manage and distribute content such as articles, page content
  • Ad management Information  Ad management Feature List
  • Click to view Ad management DEMO / Schedule Live Demo / Pricing

    Ad Network  Ad Exchange  Click to view DEMO

    Ad Network Software ( Ad Exchange, Ad Marketplace )

    Interested in Launching an Ad exchange?

    Represent 20+ websites and 50+ million impressions monthly?
    Ad Server Solutions may be interested in partnering with you
    Contact for more information

  • Run your own Ad Network with billions of impressions like DoubleClick, MochiAds, Game Jacket, AdMob, Mopub 
  • Ad Exchange / Advertising Exchange 
  • Mobile Ad Exchange  
  • Real-time Bidding ( RTB )   
  • Demand-side Platform ( DSP )   
  • Real Time Bidders (RTB)  / Rules Engine 
  • Optimizers / Yield Optimization 
  • RTB Ad auction Engine   
  • RTB / DSP partners / RTB Ad auction Engine. DMP integration with Google Adx, Facebook Exchange, Smaato, Flurry, Mobclix, mAdvertise, MADS, Admeld, Pubmatic, epom,  MediaMath, Openx, Rubicon, Right Media, AppNexus, Criteo, Mopub, Mojiva, AdMob, Nexage, other Display Mobile RTB, DSP, SSP, Ad Network, DMP partners, Ad Exchange 
  • mobile sdk, iOS iPhone SDK, Android SDK mobile advertising
  • Flash SDK -  video SDK, SDK for games, SDK for apps
  • NoSQL Database Hadoop / HBase / Big Data
  • Display advertising, video, mobile, social, InGame, Ads in apps
  • Unlimited Publishers, Agencies, Sub Agencies, Advertisers, and  Administrator. Can use as ad management replacement
  • Ad inventory Forecasting / Advertising inventory management
  • Advertising Rate Cards, Dashboard, Geo Stats
  • Demographic profiles, Shopping Cart, Campaign Budgets
  • Dual Ads, Geo Targeting, ad code (ad tag) automated generator
  • Keyword Targeting by meta tags and page scans
  • Mobile ad network / mobile exchange platform : Android, Iphone, Ipad, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, Mobile ad serving
  • Trafficking, ad targeting, ad delivery, and order booking
  • Run your own ad network, ad exchange or ad marketplace
  • Ads in Games. Ads in apps. Ads in Videos. Mobile ad serving
  • Video Advertising. We can supply you w/ ad server video player
  • Automated Self Service Display Advertising System w/ Directory
  • Flash video click thru tracking and pixel tracking
  • CPM, CPC, CPA, RTB, eCPM, Fixed rate, # of Days, Dayparting
  • ECPM: Effective cost per thousand impressions
  • Publishers & Advertisers automatically Sign Up
  • Buy and Sell your ad Space Automatically
  • Automated payment system to sell advertising
  • Payment Gateways: Paypal,, Worldpay, 2Checkout
  • Billing Interface for all clients. Security controls in place
  • Channels / Categories : Entertainment, Sports, Travel, Games
  • Secure ad serving through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer, https://)
  • License, source code, saas, cloud and private branding
  • Ad tracking, control over all data, advertising mediums, file types
  • Ad Network Information and Ad Network Features
  • Click to view Ad Network DEMO / Schedule Live Demo / Prices

    Affiliate Software (affiliate tracking software) 
  • Run your own affiliate software program and pay only for results.
  • Article: Affiliate software - The rise of Affiliate Marketing
  • Compatibility with all shopping carts and payment systems
  • Extensive Payout Options: Pay Per Sale (Percentage), Pay Per Sale (Flat Rate Payout), Pay Per Lead, Pay Per Click
  • Advanced ad tracking technology
  • Lead generation through affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate software and affiliate management software for managing and tracking affiliate referrals
  • Unlimited Tiers. No restrictions. Expandable. Customizable.
  • Optimization, tracking and management for affiliate marketers.
  • Better Search Engine ranking. More traffic and sales
  • Fraud controls and fraud management
  • Recurring Commissions
  • Self Replicating Pages 
  • Ad tracking. Tons of features!
  • Affiliate Software Information and Affiliate software Features
  • Affiliate software DEMO / Schedule Live Demo / Pricing

    Affiliate Network Software (Affiliate marketing software)

  • Run an Affiliate Network like ClickBank, DarkBlue or Linkshare
  • Compatibility with all shopping carts and payment systems
  • Fraud controls and fraud management
  • Extensive Payout Options: Pay Per Sale (Percentage), Pay Per Sale (Flat Rate Payout), Pay Per Lead, Pay Per Click
  • Affiliate tracking software. Affiliate Network platform allows you to have unlimited affiliate ad networks and online merchants in a marketplace portal to market and sell products and services
  • All in one affiliate management solution. Affiliate tracking platform
  • Lead generation
  • Financial reports
  • One affiliate admin, unlimited advertisers/merchants and unlimited publishers & affiliates
  • Merchant program low balance
  • Search functions
  • Bonus Programs
  • Ad pools
  • Affiliate Network Information  Affiliate Network Feature List
  • Affiliate Network DEMO / Schedule Live Demo / Order and Pricing

    Banner Exchange Software

  • Start a banner exchange, text exchange, link exchange, button exchange, pop up under exchange or exit exchange.
  • Built in cheating protection to prevent users from illegally accumulating impressions. 
  • Exchange co branding allows you to create a co-branded look to your Exchange. Customize your Sign up page, banners, ads, text, logos, page color, font color and more.
  • Customize categories for your Exchange.
    Example:  Business, Computers, Internet, Etc
  • Set dynamically changing ads to prevent banner burnout. Ad tracking. Set ads to refresh, changing the ad to new customers through the use of banners, text ads or rich media ads. 
  • Banner exchange Information  Banner exchange Features
  • Banner exchange DEMO / Schedule a Live Demo / Prices

    Advertising Integration Opportunities:
    From websites, flash, blogs, xml feeds, mobile ads, podcasts to social media and everything in between. Do you have widgets, applications, flash videos, flash games, mobile apps or other media driven opportunities you would like to generate ad revenue from? We can work with you to incorporate the ability to serve ads in games, ads in videos, Ads in Apps, Ads in mobiles and other mediums using our ad serving platform and mobile ad server so you can start generating advertising revenue.

    Software and hosting solutions for
    video ad serving, display advertising, mobile advertising, ad delivery, inventory, revenue generation, ad targeting, geo targeting, live statistics and real time reporting.

    Ad Servers

    Ad Servers are technology companies with software and infrastructure to enable publishers and advertisers to select and display targeted ads to their audience in order to make the most profit. Ad servers monitor and report ad views, ad clicks and performance of advertising campaigns.

    Ad Serving Solutions provides Hosted Ad Serving, Ad Servers through SaaS, software as a service ad serving, Content Delivery Network (CDN) 


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I highly recommend Ad Server Solutions Ad Server to help you with your ad serving. It contains all the necessary things new ad business needs to be successful."

-- Henry Thompson
    Dallas, Texas


Ad Server

Ad server places advertisements on
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