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            Ad Server Solutions Software Leasing and Financing

Software Lease / Financing options: $0 down, no payments for 90 days.

Our 0% down, 36 Month, 90 Day Deferred Payment Lease /
Financing makes it easy for qualified customers to get the software, services and technology they need today, while spreading the cost out over time. You only pay the cost of your order over 36 months, and you also take advantage of:

  • Low, fixed monthly payments
  • Improved cash flow
  • Software technology updates
  • Customer Support
  • $3,299 minimum transaction required
  • Can finance up to $1 Million Dollars
  • Higher $ transactions receive longer time frames
  • Higher $ transactions receive longer deferred payment options
  • Add ANY services to your financing
  • Private Label / Private Branded can apply for financing
  • Co-Ownership can apply for financing
  • Distributors can apply for financing
  • Resellers can apply for financing
  • Lease agreements can be custom tailored to your requirements
  • If you have the credit and qualify for Leasing / Financing you can Finance up to $1 million dollars

Lease / Financing Business Application: Download Application

As per our Financing Company:

You must have a United States DBA set up with a business name and federal tax id to qualify for a lease / Financing. You must have a minimum transaction of $3,299 to qualify for a lease / Financing. You can mix and match software and products to make up the minimum order totals as long as software is purchased.

Any United States company can submit a lease / Financing application for Ad Server Solutions software. All you need is a registered United States company name with a federal tax id. ONLY United States companies.

Lease / Financing Business Application: Download Application

Includes all of the following:

  • New software versions as they are released

  • The latest technology

  • Customer support 

  • Training

  • Software Distribution and Support System access

  • You can have multiple products under one lease / Financing. For example, you might have a need for different software applications as well as a need to add on services for the software such as programming, installation or hosting. We will put all of these products under one lease / Financing.

  • You can add on additional software and products at any time to your lease / Financing. Simple, flexible and quickly.

  • We can provide other services to you including Programming services, Installation services, Dedicated Hosting
    and much more.

Leasing / Financing Business Application: Download Application

This is the perfect opportunity for your company to buy software through an independant financing company. $0 down, no payments for 90 days and Low, fixed monthly payments.

Download finance application, fill it out and send it to us and we will see
if you qualify for financing.


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solution on the Web. The perfect solution for managing and serving ads to multiple web sites,  Ad networks and ISPs and to increase your advertising revenues. Offering the latest technology, high end scalability, and easy to use web interfaces.


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