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If your business' future is counting on the Internet, it pays to work with people who've been solely focused on the practical application of Internet technology since its inception. We are Internet pioneers, and you will benefit from our experience and expertise when it's time to enable your business. Ad Server Solutions is the only company you'll need to provide each element necessary to take your Internet business from vision to successful working reality. You will never look at your business the same way again and neither will your customers.

Since 1997, Ad Server Solutions has served both global and mid-market organizations in core technology services. Through a combination of products, professional services, and comprehensive technical skills, we continue to deliver solutions to our clients that support their business operations in a very cost-effective manner and assist them in realizing their objectives with measurable benefits and achievable performance metrics. 

Have you ever wanted to Own your own software business?
Own, sell, resell, license your own brand of software.
Now you Can! Find out how

The White Label / Private Label Program lets you leverage the same technology that has made Ad Server Solutions an industry leader. Offer   unmatched solutions - under your own brand name. Then, set your own pricing to maximize profits and keep 100% of your revenue.

We are the only company that we know of that provides the opportunity
-to OWN and SELL all of our technology
-to OWN and SELL your own software
-to OWN and SELL your own products
-to OWN and SELL your own brand

A Turn-key, ready to go, all in one Platform. Imagine not having to spend 2-3 years and millions of dollars to develop. Under your own brand, logo, name. Set your own plans and pricing. No restrictions. You own it. You can then sell software, resell, distribute, license your own brand of 5 software applications for $100,000 

Private label opportunities available
White label opportunities available
Co-Branding opportunities available
Private Branding opportunities available
White Label opportunities available
Reseller opportunities available
Co-Ownership opportunities available
Source code purchase
Ownership opportunities available
Franchise opportunities available
Investment opportunities available
Partnership opportunities available

Leveraging a powerful combination of global expertise, comprehensive technical skills and strategic vision, Ad Server Solutions in-house staff and partnerships allow us the agility and scalability to respond to client needs with speed and precision, applying skills and capabilities wherever and whenever needed.

As with all of our products and services, a strategy that carefully aligns further development with the requirements of our current clients and client prospects is key to our success. Ongoing client feedback and frequent communication about our direction has been “hard-coded” into our product development process.

Ad Server Solutions product and service offerings are available to customers worldwide. Whether you are based in the United States or International. We work with ALL global industries and businesses from A to Z. Charitable and non-profit organizations receive 50% off

Private label software
White label software
Co-Branded software
Source code
Private Branded software
White Label software
Investment opportunities
Reseller software
Distributor opportunities

Co Ownership opportunities
Ownership opportunities
Franchise opportunities
Partnership opportunities

Internatiional provider of ad server, ad management, ad network, affiliate software, mobile ad serving, display advertising for all countries around the world




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Interested in Launching an AD NETWORK?

Represent 20+ websites and 50+ million impressions monthly?
Ad Server Solutions may be interested in partnering with you
Contact for more information

Advertising Integration Opportunities:
From websites, blogs, xml feeds, mobile, podcasts to social media and everything in between. Do you have widgets, applications, videos, games or other media driven opportunities you would like to generate ad revenue from? We can work with you to incorporate the ability to serve ads to these mediums using our solutions so you can start generating advertising revenue. Transform applications into hard working revenue generators today.

Software Development and Website Design
Android App Development
Iphone App Development

Do you need a FREE programming quote for a new Project not related to our software solutions? Do you need a feature or function not already in our software applications? Provide us with your requirements and we will provide you with a FREE Quote estimate with time frame and cost. Or, purchase the software source code and customize and adapt the software for your own needs.
Get a freee programming and design quote

Contact us if you are interested in Co-Branding,
Private label, White label, Private Branding, Co-Ownership, Ownership, Franchise, Investment or Partnership opportunities for our software so you can own and sell your own software product line or start  your own business. Serious inquiries Only.

for Programmers and web designers. If you are experienced in multiple programming languages inlcuding Java, JSP, C# and .Net among others, databases and server platforms. Must be familiar with ad management, ad server, ad network, advertising platforms, mobile ad serving and affiliate software systems.

For Sales. If you would like to purchase our products and services. We provide software, hosted solutions, dedicated server hosting, installations, custom programming, source code purchases and much more.

Feedback and Comments are welcome. We take all feedback seriously to make our products and services better.

Contact us about buying the Source Code $20,000

Contact us about Business Proposals and Partnerships if you are interested in working together in any capacity. If there is a possibility we could work  together please send us your detailed proposal.

Contact us about Investment opportunities.

If you are interested in becoming a Software Reseller or Software Distributor please let us know. We are looking for Resellers and Distributors around the world. Huge growth in this business. Start making high 6 figure income today!

Ad Server Solutions Business Development offices and operations:
United States Operations: New Jersey, California and Florida
Europe Operations: United Kingdom and Russia
Asia Operations: India 
South America Operations: Chile

Ad Server Solutions

The most affordable Affiliate software
solution on the Web. Ad Network software for the perfect solution for managing and serving ads to multiple web sites,  Ad networks and ISPs and to increase your advertising revenues. Offering the latest technology, high end scalability, and easy to use web interfaces.


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