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Ad Server Solutions product and service offerings are available to customers worldwide. Whether you are based in the United States or International. We work with ALL global industries and businesses from A to Z. Charitable and non-profit organizations receive 50% off

Professional Ad Management, affiliate software and enterprise solutions for managing ad delivery, affiliate tracking and reporting. Offering the latest ad serving and affiliate technology, high end scaleability and easy to use web interfaces. Best of all, our software platforms will work on any server and database of your choice.
Enterprise level, commercial grade software solutions available: Enterprise Platforms Enterprise affiliate software, ad management software, ad network software, affiliate network software and hosted software as a service

Ad Server Solutions provides ad management and affiliate software in several forms including: Software purchase, virtual hosting plans hosted on our servers. We also offer dedicated servers, complex server hosting,
CDN (Content Delivery Network) Services with Dedicated Bandwidth. Recommended for video and audio streaming, Voice over IP and Game servers where accumulated traffic occurs. We can accommodate any complex server setup needed whether you need 50,000 GB: Gigabytes transfer or 200 TB: Terabytes or more per month. Our ratio of cost is completely dependent of bandwidth usage. You will need to give us the following information: total ads, average ad size, total videos, avg stream size, bandwidth usage per month. Find out more from our sister site at 
Ad Serving Solutions

Case Study 1

A France based start up company approached us with an ambitious plan to launch an ad network product in 2 months. With a unique pricing model and huge focus on advertising in different countries for major publishing houses in US, they came up with a 70 page requirements document. Requirements included a feature rich agency and third party networks interface, besides the administrator, publisher and advertiser interfaces. Also added to the complexity was a unique pricing model for various ad spaces and a need to give total control to publishers over their ad space. And finally, their throughput requirements were 1 billion impressions per month.

Doing this project in a 2 month timeframe was always going to be challenging. And building from ground zero was impossible. This is where we went through a product selection process where we found a company that sold its adserver product with source and an enterprise version. We analyzed its architecture and code reusability and extensibility.

Significant amount of effort went into mapping the 70 pages worth of requirements with the product. It was an effort well spent and the programming team had a clear direction to enhance the product. Two months later, we finished a task that seemed impossible, thanks to our innovative approach and stars in the team that made it happen.

Case Study 2

A company runs several travel and hotel websites. This network of websites get hits from all people looking for great hotel and travel deals. This company had a requirement to use ad network, affiliate network and banner exchange products in a way that they maximized revenue potential for their traffic.

Added to this complexity was a fact that this company had its own proprietary solution to deliver ad content to end points other than web. This then required us to build a web service layer to ad serving products and it turned out to be an exciting customization project.

Case Study 3

We implemented mobile advertising updates to an adserver product. This enhancement required us to undertake SSI integration work between a WAP based portal with a java based product. In addition to software development, our business analysts worked with the company to determine mobile advertising rates in various regions.

Case Study 4

We developed a robust platform for a domain parking system that provides the capability to host millions of parked domains and includes auto generated landing pages

Providing both front end and back end web system development that included:

User friendly interface
Integrated Billing Module
Integrated Payment gateways
Seamless integration with 3rd party sources

Case Study 5

This project included the creation of a web store. The project was developed for a UK company and it was intended for a large number of concurrent users and thousands of products. We provided a method for users to check their order status, add new products, shopping cart, user interface, reports and shipping process to track deliveries.

Case Study 6

Built a web based CRM solution that could track sales leads, right from the lead qualification stage to the closure stage with in built reporting mechanism. This web application is a sales lead management software and contacts management system software with following features.

  • Lead/contact list management
  • The ability to set tasks and due dates associated with a contact
  • The ability to assign tasks and assigns follow up dates 
  • Ability to generate sales reports 
  • Ability to upload and edit documents
  • The ability to collaborate with sales people effectively.
  • Integrated content management system to upload documents and manage the contact lists
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                          Below are some Testimonials of clients.

Ad Server Solutions product and service offerings are available to customers worldwide. Whether you are based in the United States or International. We work with ALL global industries and businesses from A to Z. Charitable and non-profit organizations receive 50% off

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Enterprise Platforms
Enterprise affiliate software, ad management software, ad network software, affiliate network software and hosted software as a service

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Thank you for the affiliate software you released. We have thousands of affiliates and merchants since we launched. Your help was very much appreciated and we look forward to launching our ad network shortly using your software.

Sven  (Germany)

This product has more features then any other ad management software we have looked at to date. They have great support and the software is very feature rich. We were able to setup the software and serve ads to our site within minutes. We would recommend this software to anyone who is looking for a flexible product which can handle large traffic and provides detailed stats and more.

Daniel  (Canada

Your software is most impressive. I have switched Ad management software from AdvertPro for all my web sites to Ad Server Solutions.

Keep up the good work!

Wayne Johnson (Florida, United States)

Ad Server Solutions has cut my ad management time in half. It's dramatically increased my overall productivity and profits.

Matt Gallagher  (Michigan, United States)


We've used Ad Server Solutions for over 2 years now. We have it up on 17 radio station sites serving about 4 million impressions for each site per month. We haven't had to touch the main insertion portion of adserver. It just seems to run and run. Low Cost. It has features even the big boys don't. It is easy to use. It runs all formats.And it is one of the few JAVA based ad insertion engines.

Geoff  (Canada)

Powerful Ad Management Software    
An outstanding ad management software. Just what we were looking for. Reliable, scaleable and very user friendly. Our sites are dependent on banner advertising for revenue and we got tired of paying high CPM Dollars to ad networks. We looked at several ad management products and ended up buying Ad Server Solutions. They also provide excellent customer service.

Chris Thompson (Indiana, United States)

The Ad Server Solutions software has been a huge step in functionality for us, providing a great deal of targeting and features for our customers. Our business has grown tremendously since we have had the ability to provide a premium service for our customers. We used to use CentralAd.

Eric Lasalis (Spain)


2 Thumbs up, Great Product!
We purchased Ad Server Solutions Software during the Holidays and were amazed at the quality of support that we recieved. The Ad management software runs quicker and at an even higher level of functionality than we had anticipated. If you're serious about managing advertisements on your site, Ad Server Solutions is the way to go. We give Ad Server Solutions 2 thumbs up and would recommend them to everyone!

Christina  (Los Angeles, United States)

Ad Server Solutions is one of those products that offer so many features at the lowest cost possible. Compared to their competition, their support and product is the best. A highly recommended product!

Howard Green (England)

The features and applications are extremely sophisticated, yet they are easily implemented on my network.


We were very impressed with the looks and functionality of your product. Thank you for allowing us to switch from the Perl version to go to the Java version at no cost.

Keith Jenkons
   (Nevada, United States)

The most sophisticated commercial strength Ad serving management system at the most affordable price. Providing the most advanced features, the latest technology, high end scalability, and easy to use web interfaces. Used and trusted by web sites all over the world to manage ad campaigns. The most affordable, feature rich ad management software used for serving and scheduling advertising throughout your web sites.

Whether you want to advertise the traditional Interactive marketing unit ad standards set by the Internet Advertising Bureau or create your own, Ad Server Solutions is the ad management software solution for you!

Ad Server Solutions

The most affordable Ad serving software and affiliate software solutions on the Web. The perfect solution for managing and serving ads to multiple web sites,  Ad networks and ISPs and to increase your advertising revenues. Our product and service offerings are available to customers worldwide. Whether you are in the United States or International. We work with ALL global industries and businesses from A to Z. Charitable and non-profit organizations receive 50% off


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