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Software development company portfolio and case studies

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                       Ad Server Solutions Case Studies 
        Software development company portfolio and case studies

Case Study 1

A France based start up company approached us with an ambitious plan to launch an ad network product in 2 months. With a unique pricing model and huge focus on advertising in different countries for major publishing houses in US, they came up with a 70 page requirements document. Requirements included a feature rich agency and third party networks interface, besides the administrator, publisher and advertiser interfaces. Also added to the complexity was a unique pricing model for various ad spaces and a need to give total control to publishers over their ad space. And finally, their throughput requirements were 1 billion impressions per month.

Doing this project in a 2 month timeframe was always going to be challenging. And building from ground zero was impossible. This is where we went through a product selection process where we found a company that sold its adserver product with source and an enterprise version. We analyzed its architecture and code reusability and extensibility.

Significant amount of effort went into mapping the 70 pages worth of requirements with the product. It was an effort well spent and the programming team had a clear direction to enhance the product. Two months later, we finished a task that seemed impossible, thanks to our innovative approach and stars in the team that made it happen.


Case Study 2

A company runs several travel and hotel websites. This network of websites get hits from all people looking for great hotel and travel deals. This company had a requirement to use ad network, affiliate network and banner exchange products in a way that they maximized revenue potential for their traffic.

Added to this complexity was a fact that this company had its own proprietary solution to deliver ad content to end points other than web. This then required us to build a web service layer to ad serving products and it turned out to be an exciting customization project.


Case Study 3

We implemented mobile advertising updates to an adserver product. This enhancement required us to undertake SSI integration work between a WAP based portal with a java based product. In addition to software development, our business analysts worked with the company to determine mobile advertising rates in various regions.


Case Study 4

We developed a robust platform for a domain parking system that provides the capability to host millions of parked domains and includes auto generated landing pages

Providing both front end and back end web system development that included:

User friendly interface
Integrated Billing Module
Integrated Payment gateways
Seamless integration with 3rd party sources


Case Study 5

This project included the creation of a web store. The project was developed for a UK company and it was intended for a large number of concurrent users and thousands of products. We provided a method for users to check their order status, add new products, shopping cart, user interface, reports and shipping process to track deliveries.


Case Study 6

Built a web based CRM solution that could track sales leads, right from the lead qualification stage to the closure stage with in built reporting mechanism. This web application is a sales lead management software and contacts management system software with following features.

  • Lead/contact list management
  • The ability to set tasks and due dates associated with a contact
  • The ability to assign tasks and assigns follow up dates 
  • Ability to generate sales reports 
  • Ability to upload and edit documents
  • The ability to collaborate with sales people effectively.
  • Integrated content management system to upload documents and manage the contact lists


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