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                                  Ad Server Solutions API
                           Application Programming Interface
                                       Advertising API

Ad Server Solutions Advertising API "Application Programming Interface" is the essential gateway to the inner workings of the software. By using the advertising api, you can access delivery data, campaign data, advertiser data, forecasting algorithms, specific targeting as defined by key values, etc. You can use the API to create middleware applications to extract the inventory data and deposit it into a database.

The mobile advertising api allows advertisers and publishers to put their ads into mobile apps and content. No company can be successful in today's online environment without advertising. We integrate with ad exchange, ad networks and real time bidding platforms.

The API enables you to build new applications or leverage existing ones from outside of the platform´s framework. With our new architecture, you´ll be able to seamlessly integrate, automate and transfer functionality and data in real-time from one application to another from within your organization´s existing workflow. Additionally, this open architecture will give third party application developers the capability to bolt on value-added products to the existing application.


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The API includes exciting new features which will save online advertisers lots of time and money. API gives developers a way to control the ad server so they can automate common tasks and integrate with other applications in a stable and reliable way. The new API opens up a world of new possibilities for developers.

The API lets developers to build virtually any application that meets their needs. Users can now create and manage campaigns more efficiently, generate more relevant and specialized reports, and develop additional tools and applications to better serve their clients’ needs

The API is ideal for developers whose users create their own content through blogging, web publishing, video, social networking, advertising, forum, community creation, affiliate referrals or any other application where substantial web content is generated. APIs are changing the way in which web-based companies interact on the Internet and have become a complete distribution channel for web services and a potential source of revenues.

The web services API enables you to create more powerful solutions that enrich your already robust business models or to build a business from scratch. Create exciting new content and user tools.

The software platform has an extensive API that is a model web service. It provides access to the platform using a single consistent set of functions. Every aspect of the platform can be controlled via the API as well as any capability provided by the API.

What can be controlled with the API?

With the Api you can control almost anything. This allows you to build on to and integrate with other applications and databases. The API saves time managing content. You can have separate databases for your membership and now you can hook that data directly through the API. This will cut your administration time down dramatically. Easy to automate repetitive tasks.

With the API, developers can write third party applications that create campaigns, retrieve statistics and control their ad servers. Using the API, publishers can also bulk load objects into the ad server such as large numbers of banners.

End Result

Directly downloadable, Ad Server Solutions software is quite a robust platform. Through the use of our API, you can extend those capibilities beyond its current capabilities to fit your project. Completely customizable to fit your requirements.

Available to Enterprise/Plus+

Java Api:   Available to Enterprise/Plus+

.Net Api:   Available to Enterprise/Plus+

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