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Ad Management Software  Additional information on ad management and ad network software features

Typically referred to as
ad management, ad server, ad network, banner manager. Purchase this inexpensive ad management software today and keep all your profits. Today ad management is easily managed in house. Ad management services charge thousands of dollars for set ups, monthly fees and have many restrictions. If you want to keep your monthly profits instead, then read on. Stop paying companies for ad management that you can easily do yourself.

Ad Server Solutions is a complete commercial grade ad management software solution. Ad Server Solutions helps web site owners efficiently manage, serve and report on online ads while monetizing their content and increasing revenues.

Our ad management solutions provide you with the capability to target all of your advertising mediums. We provide you with turn key solutions from start to finish. Contact us to build your business.

Enterprise Platform architecture delivers performance and enhanced scalability. CDN services accelerate the delivery speed and performance of content. Geo-targeting services allow you to serve targeted ads to specific viewing audiences: Geo Targeting

Ad Server Solutions ad management software offers sophisticated targeting capabilities, the latest in ad serving technology, robust reporting, and rich media capabilities. Easy to use and saves you time and money.

  • Serve all forms of Rich Media advertising 
  • CPM, CPC, CPA, Per Day and by bid advertising
  • Mobile ad serving
  • Self service advertising
  • Iframe, javascript, Java, Php and Asp at tags provided for delivery to blogs, browsers, mobile devices, rss, xml, email and multi media
  • Geographical Targeting to target the appropriate markets.
  • Used for managing rich media ad delivery, inventory management, geographical targeting, revenue generation, live statistics and real time reporting.
  • Enterprise Platform. Commercial software for high performance.
  • Content Delivery Network: CDN services accelerate the delivery speed and performance of content.
  • Plus add on Geo-targeting ad services so you can deliver ads to the audience you want to target: Geo Targeting

Ad Server Solutions ad management software puts the web site owner back in charge. You decide the value of your web site real estate. You organize your web site the way you want. You control your ad inventory and in return have a higher rate of return for your revenues. And because Ad Server Solutions is so easy to use, you will save time and money as you seamlessly manage your online advertising campaigns and inventory.

We provide software applications, hosted solutions, dedicated server hosting, custom programming, source code purchase and software reseller plans. If you want a feature or customized look please send us your requirements and we will provide you with a time frame and cost for the programming. Or purchase the software application source code and customize/modify the software for your own needs.


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             Ad management features   Additional information on ad management and ad network software features                   


Ad Server Solutions

The most affordable Ad management software. The perfect ad solution for managing and serving ads to multiple web sites,  Ad networks and ISPs and to increase your advertising revenues. Offering the latest technology, high end scalability, and easy to use web interfaces.


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